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“ Why wont you speak to me in Twi?” - Ava in “Obroni”

A young girl born in America but with an African father travels to his homeland she faces extreme color-ism and a cultural shock, from her own family and learns the true meaning of love and family.

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Screenwriter for  Obroni

Screenwriter for Obroni

Yasmin Asif

Yasmin Asif is a British-Indian director and screenwriter who grew up in England. As a result of this, she enjoys telling stories which examine belonging and what happens when characters exist in multiple cultures. She is also interested in what constitutes a family, and films which give as much precedence to platonic love as to romance. Before coming to Columbia College Chicago, she studied English Literature at the University of York.

Writer/ Creative Producer for  Obroni

Writer/ Creative Producer for Obroni

Bridget Botchwav

Bridget Botchwav is a freelance producer and designer based in Chicago, currently earning her MFA in Creative Producing from Columbia College Chicago. She is a 2017 Kartemquin bFilms Diverse Voices in Documentary fellow and recipient of Columbia College Chicago’s Graduate Assistantship Award. She has produced her own original micro shorts that have been official selections for film festivals across the nation.