Protect Black [Me]n

To every black man and every black father.

I love you.

I adore my black men.

I will be Queen only to a black King. And know when the world makes you to be a criminal and an animal I will continually love on you and protect you.

Guess this shoulda came on Fathers Day but I will uplift you even if from afar because black men sometimes I am so deeply hurt by you but I can never give up on you-ever. My curse and my gift I see what we’ve all done to you, put the weight of the world sitting atop your shoulders without also giving you the support to carry it. I understand your indifference I understand your outbursts I understand your fears I understand your ego I understand what you don’t understand.

I will pray for you and give you the space to be vulnerable, and to grow out of the shell of indifference you had to grow in order to survive out here. Take it off for me, please. For the world will try to dehumanize you but Black man you are human to me.

Let me love you. 

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