Smooth as Gravel | Update: May/June 2018

Everything and Anything that can change will change. I believe that one's ability to adapt to change and keep a positive attitude will fare better in life marathon and indicative of maturity and finesse. both of which i strive for. 

SO far heres a quick summary:

I have just completed my first year of grad school 

I lived and studied in Paris for a month in January

I found a literary safe haven in the works of James Baldwin

I racked up a 150 dollar library fee at my college 

I gained 5 new website design clients 

I was the 1st Asst. Director for 3 productions 

I wrote my first screenplay, adapted from an award winning short story

I attempted to direct and produce said screenplay and failed miserably, lost a lot of money, and left with shitty dailies and major learnings  

I had a new career opportunity with a fantastic creative based company - until they cancelled the position the day before I was set to start. 

I traveled to LA, hiked the Kelso Sand Dunes, did a photoshoot, got lost, went to Vegas and made new bonds with an old friend

I (somehow) got a 4.0 this semester. 

I "Had a man last year - life goes on" - Drake but also me. 

This half year check-in really puts a perspective on things I've accomplished and things I have yet to do. I know that I still have planted seeds I am hoping will sprout and it feels good. I have also realized I am an inherently physical person - in nearly all aspects. So, this second half of the year will be dedicated to the physical. I am going to enroll in a volleyball league and a dance class. I played a drunken game of "touch-ball" (basically keep the ball in the air with only one hand) and had so much fun just MOVING. I want to get back in touch with my physical. 

I also just rediscovered stop motion video and will be posting my stop motion creations here and on my IG @botchwav and VSCO. I will be traveling to the American Black Film Festival as apart of the Rosenblum Graduate Scholarship and will be definitely seeking out writers of long form material to develop through the rest of this year and pitch next year. 

I don't quite know (just yet) where I want to go or do next year. I have a hunch I may leave chicago.

I am currently developing a short film, with an untitled working title that is experimental and improv, a short film entitled "Skindeep" with cinematographer and writer, D.Roe and also locking my script Obroni for December production abroad. 

I will pop in at least once a month and also give notes on some of my progress from the films above and on books I'm reading. right now its:

The Defining Decade by Meg Jay, PhD - really honestly a must-read for anyone 20-30!! 



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