Except Me, Accept Me


I began drafting this idea for a 3-5 min video short dealing with mental/physical health stigmas in the black female community.  It dealt with the diseases and disorders that myself and my two friends all dealt with and I dropped the 45sec teaser on Instagram to great reviews and responses. 

But I mean, uh. Now, I feel uninspired and perhaps a bit nervous? I don't know. I have literally been preaching STRENGTH! SURVIVAL! COURAGE! but I'm like wait I can't keep preaching it if I'm not practicing it. I have to live in my reality, face the music like the brave young women that chose to be interviewed for my doc. 

Then, once again, this ugly, untimely, unwanted SELF DOUBT character came rearing its head and I felt like THIS, ISNT, GOOD, ENOUGH. 

I just had a feature presentation at Soho House Chicago and came home not even able to enjoy all the comment and strong feedback I received. I am at a point where I am trying to get my films to a visual standard that I am very proud of and trying to be more okay with the disconnect between what I can produce now and what I want to produce. 

Still undecided on how to actually move. I just know I gotta move forward.

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