Update: The New Love Culture: Social Media

"Social media has altered our perception of love."

This is the first line in my pitch to the media funders tomorrow! I have been working on revision after revision of my pitch script and edit after edit of my demo tape too. I have so much footage (some of it unusable because of the poor audio :( ) but I just kept telling myself the demo is THERE. I just have to strip away all the footage that is NOT needed. 

Naturally this has taken months to do. 

I will be pitching in front of 5 media funders who will HOPEFULLY help make The New Love Culture a REALITY!! I think I have a strong demo and a strong pitch. I also know where my weaknesses lie too. So its time to PLAY UP THE STRENGTHS. 

My last day at my full-time job is July 1st (very excited) this will give me time to actually focus on my documentary and the new store! 

My partner and I have embarked on a new journey as store owners in a work/live loft. He will be selling his clothing line and we will be offering our creative services as well. I have been working as the producer/store operations and its wildly fulfilling. 

I am also gearing up for the first semester of my MFA program at Columbia College Chicago! Super excited to accept their Graduate Assistantship which covers 100 percent tuition! My last semester I will be in Los Angeles on their sister studio set taking classes and producing my thesis film.

Damn, I haven't made updates in SO long. So, the doc evolved into a 3-part docu-series format, with each segment being about 10 min in length. The 3 parts each focus on a different influence on love: Social Media Networks, Family/Culture and Emerging Technology. I am pitching the sample from the first segment (Social Media Network) this Saturday and I will upload it to my Vimeo, here and my social media networks this weekend. 

I am also working on a new doc short called "Except Me, Accept Me" that deals with mental/physical health stigmas in the women/POC community. I have 2 scenes left to shoot! So far all the women involved have been BRILLIANT OPEN and INTELLIGENT. I will be previewing the teaser of EMAM, Water with Lemon, the extended demo of TNLC:SM and ending with the discussion guide I created for TNLC on Monday, June 26th at Soho House Chicago in collaboration with Black Women Directors, and Off-Kilter Magazine.

My first short of this year, Water with Lemon, was chosen as official selection at Peekskill Film Festival in New York City! Me and my partner will be traveling down to NYC at the end of July to attend the festival and perhaps go home with an award? Maybe ! lol

I feel immensely blessed and it just encourages me to continue working even when I feel lost or silly or "not good enough". It's like, so. Just keep working. Focus on you, everything else will fall into place. And if even if it doesn't keep going FORWARD and eliminate distractions do things that will continuously make you a better person. 

Important Dates are below:

Funders Pitch: Saturday, June 25th

Soho House Screening Event: Monday, June 26th

Soft Opening of BLR Design Store: Monday, July 3rd

Grand Opening of BLR Design Store: Friday, July 14th

Peekskill Film Festival: Water With Lemon: July 28th - July 31st

Columbia College Chicago Grad Program Begins: August 14th

Diverse Voices in Docs Fellowship Public Screening: Fall TBA

Family Ghana Trip: November 2017

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