New Love Culture in Febuary

As we head into Feb. it is always a very important month for The New Love Culture documentary as well. Last year, I dropped the "Cupid's Dead" photo essay in collaboration with Brandon Breaux of Exchange Rate party, featuring singer and artist Kiara Lainer. 

I will be bring that page back live on Valentine's Day and also promoting my new Valentine's Day project, "Sad Girls Club" in collaboration with photographer of Throwing Toast, Ciarra "Cboz" on Feb. 14th. 

We created a photo shoot along with fellow model and best friend Funmi Akinyode of the utilizing warm red, pink lighting, contrasting clothing choices and props to showcase the friendship love two very different women can still bask in even on a day devoted to romantic couple love. We both are sporting sad faces, and melancholy looks however, our body language is intertwined, intimate and gives way to the real bond two friends share. 

"Sad Girls Club" is an ode to showcase the juxtaposition of what the holiday typically enforces while also showing what the word love can really means; a true bond amongst friends.

UPDATE: visit and Instagram @botch.wav for the Sad Girls Club shoot!


Happy (almost) Love Day!


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