Update: December 2017

I have been in the throws of graduate school and have always kept the schoolwork top of mind. Therefore, unfortunately, the doc has been on the back burner. This summer I pitched the docuseries to a roundtable of funders as a part of my Kartemquin fellowship that ended in October with a final screening of the project we have been working on. 

The funders pitch did not result in any money but it did result in a working relationship with Kay Shaw of the National Black Programming Consortium and Marjon Javadi of BritDocs who has introduced me to a contact at Refinery29! 

This October I traveled to New York to talk face-to-face with the two media contact to get a better idea of how I should frame up the docuseries for better consumption and overall cohesiveness. 

Since then the docuseries has changed in the following ways:

- we will be interviewing all age groups 

- the format is now 6 episodes, each about 15 minutes 

-  each episode will feature people of color in different types of relationships whether they be romantic or platonic

- will incorporate an international aspect in the future editions of The New Love Culture. 

So, with those changes in mind I will be revamping the interview part and will begin scouting for couples who are willing to speak about the ways technology affects their relationships.

I am grant writing and will apply for a grant through my school and through the City of Chicago for funding to finish the filming and editing the first 3 episodes and the experiential installation that is social media in real life. 



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