Mo Money Mo Progress


This month has definitely offered some setbacks in my personal life...

*Mercury Retrograde*

But that retrograde has done wonders for the documentary!

The #TNLC focus group will be held on September 17th in conjunction with Maybe Sunday Collective in Pilsen from 4-6pm. I am sourcing interested participants now. Free food and drink will be provided for compensation. Please reach out via my website, IG, Twitter, phone whatever to get locked in. 


My editing house is phenomenal. They are completely onboard with the documentary's vision and myself and my co-EP agree this is a great fit for the production side. They have provided creative consultation as well as equipment and studio space as an added value. feeling good. 

More updates on the way, working on the rough cuts for the first working draft. 

#TNLC on the way.



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