Interview + Scheduling + More

I am finally beginning to sculpt my initial rough cut for the full doc and its very overwhelming. I underestimated how much footage i had and also here is when my storytelling skills are put to work. I have constructed the overall doc outline and so its there. Just have to edit out everything that doesn't belong.


Want to be transparent about this process, probably more for myself than anyone else since I'm almost sure no one reads it. But nonetheless, these posts are critically important. (a blog post about why I post will be soon to follow this post. )

Here is my editing schedule below:

9/21 - begin editing video and audio from focus group and begin drafting final shooting schedule

9/22 - finish focus group editing (about 10-15 min.) and finalize shooting schedule for remains shots/locations and confirm final interviews

9/23-24 - shoot b-roll around chicago and surrounding areas. potential in-studio interviews

9/25 - update all social media platforms. edit b-roll potential in-studio interviews

w/o 9/26-30 - compile full rough draft totaling 45m-1.5h

10/1-10/2 - shoot final shots and interviews. 

w/o 10/3 - submit to editing house for final polishing. 

w/o 10/10 - begin editing process with editing house

10/14-10/16 - Initial promotion at Afropunk Atlanta Carnival of Consciousness!!

w/o 10/17 - critiquing meetings with KTQ films, mentors and internal team

10/22-10/23 - incorporate final critiques with editing house

w/o 10/24 - own the finalized version of The New Love Culture

w/e - 11/4 - advanced pre-screening of TNLC in Los Angeles

w/o - 11/7 - advanced pre-screenings of TNLC in Chicago ; begin finalizing release party details. 

w/o 11/14 - finalize all release event logistics: execute promotions

11/19 - Official release date of The New Love Culture

There it go!

and RIP Shawty Lo!!!!!!


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