Post-Focus Group High

Last night's TNLC focus group went better than expected. We hosted a diverse cohort of 6 interesting guys and gals, split evenly amongst the sexes at the visually enticing Maybe Sunday Collective.

Everything went as planned and nothing ever goes as planned with events (no matter how small or large) so this was a good indicator that this focus group would be amazing. and it was. 

lots of great insights, opinions (sometimes opposing opinions-which is good) and also a lot of connections were made as well. I am reviewing the footage now and I will begin crafting the rough cut to hand off to my editing house. 

STILL LOOKING FOR: older people of color (aged 40-100 years old) to interview, either one-on-one or in a couple to round out my interviews. 

hit me on IG @botch.wav or email if anyone in that age range would be interested. 

Another v v special shoutout to everyone involved last night- all love. 




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