Focus Now

What I love most about this documentary, and what sets it apart from most docs is the dedication to research; including qualitative and quantitative data. 

If you really know me, you know I have a background in research/strategy and Excel is my homeboy. 

#TNLC is a combination of in-studio and on-the-street interviews and data from focus groups and survey to create a meaningful story.

The first of two focus groups will be going down this Saturday in Chicago and I couldn't be happier about the location, new partnership and whole experience. We've invited some really interesting people but still looking for more to fill the second focus group, currently TBA. 

The focus groups will bring that story-like insights to strengthen the foundation of the documentary. Check out the site for the upcoming date of the second focus group and a post introducing new team members to the doc team. 

keep growing y'all 



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