Cupids Dead + Real Love Interview

valentines day is actually exhilarating for me now.  everyday i obsess over love, romance, human attachment etc and TODAY the entire world is as indulged in love as I am everyday. 

today I want to share a short clip of my most recent interview that will also be featured in The New Love Culture documentary. the interview was apart of a photo editorial project from Exchange Rate Art Party ( that I worked on as well.

head over to the real love interview tab to check it out. 

The Cupid's Dead Love shoot is the acualization of real love, it very much abandons the Hallmark consumer-based definition for one that is rooted in spirituality, family, culture and support. 

i hope you read the story around the photos, think about your own definition of love, act upon the desires of love, listen to the Exchange Rate Party special curated Vday mix, reject the helium balloons, chocolate and giant teddy and converse with your loved ones (romantic or not) about what they mean to you and thank them. 

be happy, be full, do not shy away from love, do not tip-toe around love, and please do not expect to simply trip into love. 

everyday, BE LOVE. 



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