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This documentary has grown tremendously since it started as an idea in my small, studio apartment in Uptown. It is now a full-fledged production with a host of people who have contributed in a multitude of ways. It’s been a blessing to have a community of people behind me to support my artistic endeavors. I cannot thank you all enough.


I am a storyteller. I am a documentary filmmaker. I tell stories through video. This is the medium that I resorted to naturally during the death of a friend in my first short, “The Life and Times of Jarrett Mosby”. I did not realize at the time how this doc would truly open a door to the path I am on today.


The New Love Culture has always been in progression but it was not until September 2015 that I began to document the conversations and research I was doing on the topic of love in our generation. I did not understand the depth and breadth of what I was touching. This documentary focuses primarily on the interpersonal communication between millennial people of color by using a universal theme, love, to showcase the effects of technology and social media.


The documentary is a compilation of in-studio interviews and impromptu/on-the-street interviews, taken across the nation. My professional background is in strategy and research so naturally; the foundation of this doc is rooted in data too. I conducted a focus group, also featured within the documentary, which provided the basis of the story line. As well as an online survey that was completed by 18-34 year old people all over the world, providing insights to make the documentary as informative as it is interesting for the audience.


The purpose of this doc is to tell the real stories of love and highlight the effects of social media and technology on our interpersonal communication, in particular, love.  The goal is to create an intergenerational awakening by bringing the breakdown of love communication to our attention and the true repercussions for future generations. The doc advocates for better human communication and to be mindful of outside influences. By contrast, there are stories of older generations to show the comparison between what was and what is occurring now.


The New Love Culture is seen through the lens of people of color. However, its central themes have a generational impact regardless of color or background. This documentary will make you think, question and hopefully reevaluate your communication with others, to get closer to the one thing that will unite us all; love.




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