the devil is a liar. truly, honestly.

Its amazing the impact your thoughts have on your being. I have been so adamant about creating a safe, positive safe just within my own head. 

two things:

die empty by todd henry

everyday wisdom by dr. wayne dyer

are two books that have allowed me to create this documentary to push through the road blocks and the financial struggles...everything. I celebrate the little victories. and even as I go through my last post. one of the interviewees that bailed on me came through this past weekend and literally dropped gems. 

since that last post, I have worked on making up on lost time and through the power of COMMUNITY we were able to not only hit our goal. but we also over doubled the survey responses for a very stable data pool. 


My result will be displayed visually during the showcased screening event in November. Final date will be released very soon. (hint-this weekend) 

Also, again thanks to the spirit of my Creator and my supportive loving community the documentary will also get some media coverage from a number of publications/outlets/brands. 



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