How Setbacks Can Creep + Breed

This weekend I experienced a lot of setbacks that really caused me to question the foundation and purpose of my doc. why am I doing this if its causing so much stress? 

- two final interviews fell through

- missed my deadline to complete the rough draft

- no grants have come through so financially, the doc is a burden

- time, i work full time and its been a tough balance

I literally have been questioning everything and today TWO things happened that let me know I CANNOT STOP: 

1. I secured an interview with my favorite poet of all time, J.Ivy, for next week and Erika Ramirez, a former billboard senior writer and one of my favorite writers, tweeted me back after I tweeted it out and wants to see the footage once its edited. 

2. I saw a comment i wrote to myself on an old blog post that simply said: :"You can do it" and it made me smile and also gave me the personal push I needed. 

All in all, this doc has been very trying and I go through periods where I am lost but I can revisit the small victories I've had and understand it will make a difference. i really, really, really believe in my doc and its future, probably more than anything else. 

stay up y'all.



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