This Project is Growing

as I'm building the foundation for my documentary, i find myself going back and forth with how i am going to actually execute the doc and how to clearly tell the story of love in my generation.  its much too massive for one doc so i have decided to divide the doc into 3 separate series focusing on certain pillars: love + technology, love + culture and the encompassing theme: millennial love. 

i plan to release the full-length documentary trailer on november 19, 2015. that date marks my official debut into the documentary arts world as well as my 24th year in life. this special screening will feature a cultural exhibition that i am currently curating with a talented friend of mine. i feel the deadlines tickling the back of my neck, i know its close, very close. trust I'm working for y'all/us.

please understand there is true purpose and passion behind every video i edit and detail i solidify for this exhibition because not only am i doing this for myself, i am doing it for you. 


i absolutely have not once let go of my vision to speak to our generation and in a lot of ways have our generation speak out. times are changing but why is it that I'm seeing the same story? who has truly sat down with you and asked you what you thought of love? of your culture? how technology has shaped your life? like really sat down and had a bare bones conversation? i will.

so, to ground my doc i must do research and i created a survey to collect data. i want to be transparent during this process. I am not now, nor have i ever been a professional researcher and/or data collector. i took a research class in college and passed, so i know the basics. i created this survey on my own with the basis of my doc and people in mind. (never loose sight.) 

this survey targets anyone ages 18-34, feel free to share and pass along, your responses are completely anonymous. feel free to be just who you are.

i am also conducting interviews. in order to tell a story of love in a generation you must speak to the generation. I'm based in Chicago IL (where most of the interviews will take place) but will be traveling to Washington D.C., MD, VA (DMV)-October 25-27, New York September 24-26, Houston-TBD and Los Angeles-TBD for select weekends to do in-person interviews as well. use the link below to sign up for a spot.

check back daily for updates and progress



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