Artist Statement

this will be my first solo documentary screening and my formal introduction into the documentary world. I have for so long been driven by many passions: comedy, photography, writing, theater arts and I have chosen this period in my life to truly focus and dedicate myself to the documentary arts world. I have grown incredibly since my last doc, “The Life and Times of Jarrett Mosby” and it’s so necessary for my growth as a filmmaker to show my work with everyone.


Quite frankly at 23, I feel more at ease with this decision to move forward with filmmaking than any other decision I have made thus far in life. I’m excited and nervous.  This show is for the people; that’s why I created it with my generation in mind. It’s called a cultural experience/exhibition because the show will be relevant with the current state of society. I want everyone to come in with an open mind and realize our effects on one another, in ways that we may not even understand, just yet. the exhibition will be interactive, social,  eclectic, interesting, odd and in some ways, controversial.


The show will be a compilation of video shorts I have filmed over the past 7 months, art installations from relevant artists, and feature visual infographics to showcase the data I collected from people all over the nation. It is this same data that helped guide the storyline and message of the main documentary, that is currently untitled. the featured documentary will be apex. 30-40 minutes long and will be my first long-form doc about the redefinition of love for this generation. This documentary is simply the medium to reflect what society has already ingrained in us. This doc serves as the vessel to illustrate how technology, social media, love and culture all intertwine and in turn, have an effect on one another.


I invite anyone and everyone trying to navigate in our hyper-connected world, to come socialize and discuss the one fundamental element that ties us all together; love. 

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